Rowdy Studio



Client: Stephen Quinn

Type: Brand Refresh

K Corrigan

Client: Kevin Corrigan

Type: Identity | Tagline | Website

The Pure Kitchen

Client: John MacGovern

Type: Branding Packaging & Web

Wriggle Jr.

Client: Wriggle

Type: Identity, Illustration, Brochure


Client: Oliver Fegan & Catherine Downes

Type: Branding & App

Writing Guide for UK Parliament

Client: UK Parliament Outreach & Engagement

Type: Guidelines, Tone of Voice, Copywriting

Buckle Up Dublin

Client: Katie Gilroy

Type: Branding & Print

Where’s the growth?

Client: Fidelity International

Type: Print, Layout, Illustration

UK Parliament Week

Client: Houses of Parliament

Type: Branding


Client: Corkage

Type: Branding & Interiors

Bromptons Kensington

Client: Bromptons Opticians

Type: Branding

Spin 1038 Radio

Client: Jamie Crawford, CEO

Type: Re–brand

HOOK Camden Town

Client: Barry & Simon

Type: Branding & interiors


Client: Bicicletta

Type: Branding & Interiors

The Print House

Client: Noel Linehan

Type: Branding & Interiors


Client: The Dawson Group

Type: Branding

The Manor, Clapham

Client: Robin & Sarah Gill

Type: Branding & interiors

Client: Will Mullin

Type: Re–brand

L’appetit Fou

Client: Stamp Design

Type: Branding & interiors

Coffee Culture

Client: Coffee Culture

Type: Branding & Interior


Client: Garry White

Type: Branding & Interiors

Dawson Brasserie

Client: The Dawson Group

Type: Branding

Typetec & GlobalOffice

Client: Typetec

Type: Branding, Print and website

Bia Mara. Brussels.

Client: Bia Mara.

Type: Branding. Interiors, Print & Web

Pask London Refurbishment/interiors

Client: Pask London

Type: Re–brand, Print and website

Wriggle, your digital school bag

Client: Typetec

Type: Branding & Identity. Print. Website.

Joe Macken – Restaurants

Client: Joe Macken

Type: Brands & websites

Montanus Group

Client: Montanus Group

Type: Branding & Identity. Print.

Youth Sport Trust

Client: Youth Sport Trust

Type: Print, out–of–house support