This Time Next Year

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Space to think. Space to grow. Space to be brilliant. In March 2018, This Time Next Year opened its doors offering a flexible desk and office space to the Leyton community and beyond. Ciara, TTNY’s founder approached us to begin the project in summer 2017 and over 7 months we developed the name, proposition, visual and voice identity applying it across every touchpoint; interiors, promotional material, social media and website.


The name starts the story

This Time Next Year, where will you be? Well on the way to global domination? Working on a team twice the size? Or making a living doing the thing you love? Regardless of the ambition, you need more than just a great space you need to be around great people too. This Time Next Year offers that community in Leyton, where creative industries and innovative businesses are thriving. A space designed to give workers the things they need – flexibility, community, technology, space, light and inspiration – all within minutes of central London.




  • CUP & BAG


The logo reflects the space

Four words with four letters each stacked to represent the four floors of the building. The tight structure is disrupted by lines to reflect the individuals using the space. It’s about encouraging people to join the space and make their mark. Planning, creating connections, facing challenges and making mistakes are all part of growing a business. To reflect this process the lines flow through the rest of the visual identity incorporating arrows, continuous lines and layered imagery.

Animating the space features for social media

The digital space

We knew from the very beginning that the digital promotion of the space would be key to finding the right members and letting people know they were open. We designed and developed a website that introduced the space, all the great features and any pricing details people need to hear about but also introduced Leyton to the TTNY community. We helped develop the tone of voice and visual style to be used across the social media channels and continue to support the onsite social team with visuals and animations. Take a look at the full website here.



“Rowdy hit the ground running on all fronts and from day one, they brought energy and enthusiasm to the project that never waned. It was clear to me from the first Name Generation meeting that they grasped the ambition I had for the business. I strongly feel we wouldn’t have brought the brand or space to the position we are now, had it not been for the fresh and innovative thinking of Rowdy. They have been a pleasure to work with and I have no doubt this is only the start of what will hopefully be a very exciting journey.”

Ciara Lyons – Founder at This Time Next Year