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The Outreach and Engagement Team for Houses of Parliament approached us to build a brand around Your UK Parliament and UK Parliament week – A programme of events and activities that engages with the public and helps encourage interest and participation with Parliament and democracy. 

UK Parliament represents and speaks for the public across all aspects of everyday life. We helped them to identify some of the challenges they face in trying to engage with the public and worked on building a visual language and tone of voice that would help humanise their brand making them more accessible.

For UK Parliament Week we created a new strapline Engage. Explore. Empower. which reflects the aims of the programme and helps to creates a structure under which events can be organised and promoted. The aims are broken down into: 

Encourage people (new and old) to get involved with events on during the week and have that interest continue on.

Encourage people to learn something new about Parliament and change any preconceptions.

Encourage people to realise they are part of the bigger picture and can influence what happens in Parliament.

Your UK Parliament serves as the umbrella brand for all programmes and initiatives that come from the Outreach and Engagement Team with UK Parliament Week being the main event. We wanted to give the team a way to start a conversation with the public. What does it mean to you? aims to capture interest and engage with people to find out more about their opinions and issues that relate to Parliament.

We provided the team with logos, icons and guidelines for both identities. Go to to find out about the different events taking place.