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From Here provides modern and secure student living in three accommodations across Dublin and Galway, Ireland. When our client first got in touch, these residences could only be found through an external booking platform, which wasn’t effectively capturing the imagination of a student. We were approached to create an over-arching identity and branded website to house the accommodations, and inspire excitement, before directing students onto the booking platform.

A name that captures the journey

Our college years take us on an exciting journey, from the anticipation of first year to the reward of graduation. Student life is fun, challenging, messy, stressful and transformative. We needed a name that could reflect this, and the many possibilities that lay in-store for student residents. ‘From Here’ was the perfect fit: directional, ambitious and idealistic. It became the catalyst for an entire smart, yet playful, brand language. 

Jump in

In keeping with From Here’s confident verbal identity, we produced vibrant visuals – poppy patterns in bright colours. Series of concentric shapes evoke a sense of movement, direction and energy. Squares transition into diamonds, and triangles into arrows – all the time linking back to feelings of anticipation, opportunity, and the thrill of diving into something new. Layered photography and animation help further bring this brand story to life.

It all starts here

Our primary task was to create a simple, brochure website. This would become the face of the brand, start to drum-up interest from potential residents, and encourage current residents to stay on. It is simple in structure, and built around small details. An animated homepage header provides instant impact, and insight into the brand. Layered flickering GIFs, patterned hover effects, subtle transitions, geometric arrows and a mesmerising, looping loading graphic all work to create a sense of liveliness.

To there

We rolled the brand out across a wide variety of print applications including hoarding for sites in Galway and Dublin, marketing flyers, postcards, posters, bus shelter ads and phone box wraps. Alongside this, we produced digital advertisements, content for social media and a social media campaign. To help establish colour use for differentiation between residences, we developed a small set of guidelines.

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