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Rowdy Thoughts | April 2020

As we settle into our second month of remote working we’re reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 for ourselves and our clients. As Mike Tyson said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. You could say COVID-19 is our collective punch in the face. It’s shifting who we see, how we work, and what we do. The uncertainty is affecting every business one way or another and so now more than ever it's important for your brand to stay present and be seen.

Here are our top tips for keeping your brand visible and team productive when working from home.


Match your movements to your audience’s

Meetings traditional print and out-of-home are naturally taking a bit of a backseat at the moment. As your audience stays indoors your approach should too. How will the people you want to reach be consuming information and what’s the message you’d like them to receive from your brand? Whether it’s online or on the airways refocus your marketing strategy on the most effective way to achieve cut through.

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Don’t hibernate

In a time of such uncertainty it’s tempting to cut your marketing budget. Plus finding the right ways and words to communicate can be difficult. While you might consider delaying some campaigns or comms pieces you don’t want to disappear completely. Some upkeep now will act as a nice foundation to build from when things get back to normal. It’s an opportunity to work on your long-plan strategy.

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Solve, don’t sell

We’re all sharing the same concerns at the moment as Covid-19 impacts our families friends work and what’s in our pocket. People want reassurance and guidance – so now’s the time to add value in sharing your knowledge with your consumers and your team. Go easy on urgent messages with ‘don’t miss out’ headlines. Instead ask ‘how can my business help?’.


Find the right tone

More than ever people want to connect with people not brands. How can you stay in people’s minds without overstepping the mark? We welcome moments of light-hearted relief but how can you use humour whilst remaining sensitive? Go back to your brand values and what you stand for and seek to strike an optimistic helpful tone.  

MARKETING WEEK ARTICLE: https://rb.gy/gdkr9u

Get the housekeeping done

If you’ve been only able to focus on the short list lately it could be time to start ticking off some items on the long list. Whether it’s an audit of content tidying up your website or looking at a longer-term communications strategy now might be the opportunity to start doing it or touch base with suppliers who can help you get started and map out a plan. 

Find better ways of working together

We’re all suddenly relying daily on a whole range of new digital tools – and finding the right ones can transform how you work with your team clients and suppliers in different cities. Here’s what we’ve been using more than usual: Slack – for daily comms file sharing and calls. /  Zoom – client calls and Friday afternoon beers. / Stormboard – shared live brainstorms without Post-Its. / Google docs – working collaboratively in a document. 

Take it easy

Now we aren’t commuting each day there’s a lot of pressure to pour time into creative new hobbies and make the most of every minute. But if you haven’t built new shelves or perfected your sourdough starter don’t worry. Navigating working from home with other halves kids and pets needing to be looked after is hard work. Give yourself a break. Take a step back from the news feed. Relax.  

Business as unusual from our new workspaces

Don’t do it alone

This is new and uncharted territory for all of us. It’s difficult to know how to move through it so stay connected. Lean on your network and ask for help for advice or just a chat. 

The Rowdy team are here to support you and your brand. If you would like to talk through any of the above in more detail drop us a line on info@rowdystudio.com and we will set up a zoom or phonecall.

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